The psychedelic musical rollercoaster that takes you on a trip through space and sound

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Unique and original rotoscoped aesthetics

  • We stand out from a crowded indie scene through a visual style unlike the majority of games out there.
  • Visuals that respond to the soundtrack

Can be played with almost any controller device

  • Turn your gameplay into a performance with authentic music feel.
  • MIDI controllers, drumpads, guitar peripherals, gamepads, keyboards, and more

The chillout music game

  • No twitch like reflexes to intimidate players.
  • No punishments or fail states to disconnect you from the experience
  • Use as a meditative stress release

Play for as long as you like

  • Endless set mode continually adds to the soundtrack so you can keep playing until you want to stop.
  • Almost limitless soundtrack possibilities for you to create in remix mode
  • A unique experience each time you play

Music discovery platform

  • Indie artists take forefront
  • Constant updates with new tracks
  • Creates a new way for artists and fans to connect with each other

Not just for the couch

  • Hook into lighting systems using the widespread DMX lighting protocol
  • Set up to mimic playing a real set at a house or bar/club!

And more!

  • Science! Learn how light creates colour through playing
  • Score attack mode - For challenge and competition
  • 2 players collaboratively or competitively
  • And more features soon to be announced

Running to these places...


The Game Modes


  • Create your own unique song from a variety of audio stems based on how you play
  • Unlock new audio stems from Original mode to add into your own song
  • Partner up with a friend and work together to create that killer track
  • Endless possible creations made by you
  • Choose the psychedelic visuals to accompany your track
  • Share your masterpiece with the world!


  • Discover new independent artists
  • Play through tracks in a linear fashion as the artists indended
  • Unlock your favourite part of the track to use in Remix Mode
  • Try and experience the whole music video through your gameplay
  • Play for as long as you like in endless set mode
  • Follow artists that you like

Awesome Artists

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Visual Psychedelic Bass Music Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka “ZEE”) is an a/v collab between video artist Zebbler & electronic music producer Encanti.
Chippr Jones

Chippr Jones

Chippr Jones are an Austin prog rock duo that will leave you gobsmacked with the sound that can be produced by only two on stage.
Eyelid Kid

Eyelid Kid

Eyelid Kid is an Austin born future composer.
He is the daughter’s boyfriend and father’s employer, who shares visions of true suffering and unforgettable fantasies.
Think: A young James Dean growing up in the shaman tents of the Amazon coming out to write the new Harry Potter.


Hikes is a band of friends from Austin, Tx.
Inspired by nature, and driven to meld their love of heavy, technical styles with jazz, indie, and folk; Thelonious Punk


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