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The Psychedelic Musical Roller Coaster

Original Mode

  • Discover new independent artists
  • Play through tracks in a linear fashion as the artists intended
  • Unlock your favourite part of the track to use in Remix Mode
  • Try and experience the whole music video through your gameplay
  • Play for as long as you like in endless set mode
  • Follow artists that you like

Create your own musical journey

Remix Mode

  • Create your own unique song from a variety of audio stems based on how you play
  • Unlock new audio stems from Original mode to add into your own song
  • Partner up with a friend and work together to create that killer track
  • Endless possible creations made by you
  • Choose the psychedelic visuals to accompany your track
  • Share your masterpiece with the world!

Share your master works with the world

“Despite trying to maintain focus on hitting the beats in perfect rhythm, my mind couldn’t help but melt into a relaxing state of electronic zen.”

Lighting up your life in 2021

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