Press Kit


Roto Color Rhythm is the psychedelic chillout music experience recreating the true essence of music.

Think DJ Hero mixed with Child of Eden/Thumper/Rez, and the experience of the best live show you have seen.

We are redefining the music game genre the with the emphasis on the meditative, hypnotic effect that music and color have on the self, as opposed to fast reflexes and pattern memorizing. With modes that let you play endlessly through all tracks to remixing tracks into your own unique soundtrack, players will experience a sense of synaesthesia as color and sound are linked in our minds on a subconscious level.

To further recreate the live music experience, Roto Color Rhythm can be played with any MIDI device or music peripheral, and connect into lighting systems that will add another layer of immersion through extra sensory feedback devices.


  • 2 game modes with provide different experiences
  • MIDI controller support - Use your MIDI controllers as input for a more authentic music making experience
  • Drum Pads, Keyboards, tablets and more!
  • Beautiful visuals that respond to the soundtrack
  • Unique rotoscoped characters providing smooth animation rarely seen
  • Album mode where tracks mix into each other creating an endless play mode
  • Remix mode where you can build your own tracks
  • And more features soon to be announced


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